world of the unmasked

Lie setiawan wide1 liesetiawan

final piece :)

Lie setiawan wide1 roughs

roughs i sent to client

Lie setiawan wide1 roughsa

this was chosen but they wanted the left guy to be replaced with the girl from b

Lie setiawan wide1wip1

my outstanding 3d skill really shines here XDD

Lie setiawan wide1wip2

colorzz as usual, mild headache after this phase

Lie setiawan wide1wip4

its boring from here onwards no comment :D

Lie setiawan wide1wip5

yes. nope.

Lie setiawan wide1wip6

mm hmm still nope

Lie setiawan wide1wip8

and almost thereeeee...

A few prodigies facing down a bit threat. These should all be in mask-form, though maybe there's one still pulling their mask out of a backpack. One of the mask-forms could be flying. The threat is a Big Bad - another mask-form being that's out for themselves. He should have a few minions - creatures or humans, it's open - that are fighting the mask-form prodigies. The Big Bad should be distinctive - the faceless man, or something with snakes for arms, or whatever else menacing and weird.