lie setiawan
lie setiawan
Freelance concept artist and illustrator
jakarta, Indonesia


Hi, my name is Lie Setiawan. I am a self taught 2D artist, focusing in creating Concept Arts and Illustrations. I started freelancing in 2010 but then work a full time job in 2011. After 3 years working in game development, i quit and started freelancing again in november 2014 till now. I have worked for individual commissions and also various studios.

For commission and sales inquires, please email me

Cheers ,

Lie setiawan


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Arise pictures
Alderac Entertainment group
Black Library
Blizzard Entertainment
Boomzap Entertainment
Caravan studio
Creative Assembly
Dena games
FTX Games
Games workshop
Hex Entertainment
Katsu Games
Mantic Games
Monte Cook Games
Paizo Publishing
Polar Engine
Post human studios
Privateer Press
Valve Corporation
Wizard of the Coast


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