Karlaen Warpsmith

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmith liesetiawan
Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough1

my process is never pretty...especially with battle scenes, 1st attempt on the comp idea i have, i always start with either scribbles, or just siluets, oh and i usually make sounds when im drawing like this

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough1b

put the layer to lower opacity and scribble again on top of it. its like untangling threads

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough1c

lower the opacity again and this time focus on whether the comp reads well, the variation of shapes etc

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmith rough1

once its all cleaned up, i like to separate values like this then send it to client, this helps me as a guide not to screw it up later on, which i always still do...

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough2

chicken scratch galore

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough2b

clean it up

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithsuper rough2c

ooh look i flip it XD how fancy...

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmith rough2

this is the 2nd rough that didnt get picked. the brief actually focus on 2 characters, the guy in the front and the dr octopus back there , but still they went with the 1st one sooooo thats life folks XD

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip1

ok 1st wip, i love this part. drawing the lines help me figure out the forms, and adding the details in line saves me headaches when painting later...unfortunately this is also what cause me over render i think ,im sorry brush economy godz im tryinggggg T

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip2

block it in, clean it up

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip3

then this part is where i add colorz and have mild headache afterwards, coz...colorz duh, i always try to contrast, and kept notes from the amazing jana, about cool warm relation thingie, which ofc i also failed most of the times.

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip4

color flatz. and testing the light scheme i have in mind

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip5

i add up another dude on the right to balance things out i think....dont quite remember why i did that, same with almost every decision i made in life... oh why did i ended up like diz.

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip6

anyways, proceeding

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip7

anyways, proceeding

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip8

moar rendering....

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip9

i got shortcircuit about scales in the back dude there, so i enlarged him.

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip10

and even too much...

Lie setiawan karlaenwarpsmithwip11

so i shrink it XDDD and its done...ish.
ok its been fun kthxbai.
no really o.o i got nothing left.
buuuuuuut if you have questions, *please dont* you can always pm me or just reply here and i will answer them the best i can :)

Another one done for Games Workshop last year in their book black crusade: Angel's blade
thanks for looking~